Shenandoah, Louisiana, USA is a metropolitan area located in east Baton Rouge Parish, in Louisiana. It is one of the most important cities in the United States, with a population of about 4 million inhabitants. Shenandoah’s population has grown by leaps and bounds since 1960, with a significant growth in the number of births and deaths, a dramatic increase in the Hispanic population, and an overall growth of population. The majority of Shenandoah residents live in the suburbs, as compared to the rest of Louisiana. The population has grown significantly in recent decades due to the influx of immigrants. Further facts about Denham Springs, LA can be found here.

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Shenandoah, LA, was about 18,567 at that time, up from about 17,070 at the previous census. This growth in the size of the population has been attributed to an increase in the number of births and a decrease in the number of deaths. Shenandoah is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country, with its population expected to continue growing, especially given the state’s economic recovery and the increase in births. The demographics of Shenandoah, LA show a sharp contrast from other large cities. The poverty rate is among the lowest in the state, and there is a relatively high percentage of minorities in the city, including African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Asians. In fact, the majority of the population in Shenandoah, LA, USA is made up of African Americans, making it one of the few large cities in the country with a majority black population. Information about Reasons Why You Should Go Satsuma, Louisiana For Your Next Vacation can be found here. 

Shenandoah, LA, USA is home to many colleges, universities, and technical institutions. A number of colleges and universities are located in downtown Shenandoah, including the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Southern University, LSU -Shreveport, LSU Medical Center, and Southern University. Many businesses, such as Lowe’s, Walmart, and BP are also located in Shenandoah, LA. The largest church in Shenandoah, LA is the Holy Redeemer of the World Church of Christ. Other places of worship include St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, and St. Paul Baptist Church.

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