When you need your heating and cooling equipment serviced, look no further than Dream Team for quality service. Our technicians provide the best HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installation services that will keep your home comfortable year-round. 

Cooling Solutions You Can Count On!

At Dream Team, we provide the best, HVAC industry standard services that will keep your AC system running. Whether you need AC installation, repair, or maintenance, you will receive excellent customer service and energy-efficient, HVAC solutions for your home. 

  • Access to extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy HVAC technicians
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee on all heating and air conditioning services
  • Free consultation & estimates on HVAC services in Baker
  • No hidden costs!
  • Dream Team branded service trucks with all the gear for a top-quality job
  • 24/7 emergency HVAC services
  • Award-winning, superior service to keep your home comfortable

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Sometimes the only viable solution for your HVAC system is to replace the old unit and install a brand-new AC system. Dream Team only works with the top brands to bring you a new system that will serve your home for decades to come. 

Signs That a New AC System is Needed 

  • High energy bills 
  • Poor indoor air quality 
  • Frequent need for air conditioning repairs
  • Poor cooling performance

Give us a call if any of these signs resonate with the issues with your air conditioner. 

Air Conditioning Repairs 

Sometimes a repair service is essential and for it to last, it is important that only the most qualified technicians perform these repairs. Our team of professional HVAC techs is just what you need quality cooling solutions in your home. 

Give us a call for any of the following air conditioning repair issues: 

  • Excess moisture in the air or around the vents or AC unit
  • Poor ventilation throughout the house
  • Poor HVAC efficiency 
  • Hot air coming through the vents 
  • Odd smells and sounds 

When you notice these signs, it is essential to get a technician to assess the health of your HVAC system as soon as possible as it will help you save money and avoid even bigger problems. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

The key to lasting air conditioning systems is regular maintenance. At Dream Team, we take pride in providing thorough maintenance inspections during which we ensure that each component of the HVAC system is working as it should. This helps us catch repair issues before they arise and keep your home comfortable year-round. 

Heating System Repairs

When the heat isn’t coming on, you can trust Dream Team as the home of the most reliable heating technicians in Baker. Give us a call today and we will provide prompt and professional services that will restore the coziness your family deserves. We 

Heating Equipment We Service

  • Electric & Gas Furnaces
  • Water Heater (Boiler System)
  • Heat Pumps

We also offer a wide range of general heating repairs such as duct cleaning, carbon monoxide leak repair, and troubleshooting of strange noises. 

Heating Installation of Furnaces, Boilers, & Heat Pumps

Look no further than to the professional and cost-effective heating solutions that can be provided by none other than Dream Team. We install residential heating systems all throughout Baker to ensure ongoing warmth throughout the winter months. We work with every type of heating and cooling equipment, providing reliable, efficient services.

Indoor Air Quality Service

Got too much moisture or dust in the air and not sure what to do about it? Our expert heating and air conditioning team has just the solution for you. We provide superior service for your air quality needs which include: 

  • Free consultation and assessment of the air quality inside your house
  • Personalized recommendations to make lasting changes
  • Duct cleaning services 
  • Ventilation and air filtration solutions

No matter the type of heating and cooling equipment you use, air quality is of the utmost importance. Prioritize the health of your family today and schedule your air quality test with us today. 

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