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4 Things That Wear Out an A/C

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When the air conditioning unit goes out, a lot of discomfort ensues. It is, after all, the very thing that keeps the home’s atmosphere just right. Thus, it is essential that it is taken care of properly to ensure its reliability. As the best A/C repair techs in Denham Springs, the Dream Team is full of knowledge and expertise in preserving the A/C in its optimal state. In today’s post, we share some of the basic things that will wear out your unit. Read on to learn how to these pitfalls and get the most out of your A/C. 

Call an AC Repair Tech if You Have These Issues:

Inadequate Refrigerant Fluid Levels

Whether there is insufficient or too much refrigerant, both issues can cause great damage to the air conditioning unit. Refrigerant fluid, otherwise known as Freon, is a chemical substance that runs through these special lines that treat the hot air extracted from the outside. It does its job to cool that air before it is pushed out into the air ducts and vents of the home. 

When there isn’t enough refrigerant fluid, the air will not be cooled as efficiently and you will experience warmer temperatures outside. To make up for this loss, the A/C compressor will work harder to cool the home. As a result, it will wear out faster and will require an A/C repair in Denham Springs

Too much refrigerant fluid is also a problem because the compressor will be overwhelmed and will not be able to keep up with the excess fluid. Excess fluid can also lead to a refrigerant fluid clog, which will cause the unit to eventually break down. 

Clogged Air Filters

Another essential component of the A/C unit is the air filtration system. Each A/C is equipped with a set of filters that catch any dust and debris before the air is pushed out into the home. By doing so, it ensures a clean and safe atmosphere for everyone to breathe in. 

Every now and then, these air filters must be cleaned out or replaced to allow proper airflow throughout the system. When they are clogged, the air won’t be able to get through to the vents appropriately, causing the unit to work harder. As a result, your unit will wear out fairly quickly, necessitating an early replacement. 

Dirty Coils

In general, the air conditioning system must be as clean as possible to ensure that it is working in the best way possible. During maintenance visits, the A/C repair tech in Denham Springs takes the time to clean out all the components, including the coils. Coils have a very important role in cooling hot air before sending it back into the home. Dirty coils hurt the A/C’s ability to cool the home at an efficient rate. If they are dirty enough, some A/C’s just don’t function at all and eventually, they break down entirely. For this reason, we recommend a regular maintenance routine to keep your unit running. 

Failing A/C Motors

The decline of A/C motors is something to expect with its age. As the unit performs its important work, those motors eventually give out and need replacement. The signs of a declining motor are the following: 

  • Ticking, chattering, rattling noise
  • Poor airflow
  • Refrigerant fluid leaks
  • Tripping circuit breaker
  • Vibrations upon start up
  • Warm temperatures when the A/C is on the cooling setting

These signs can be symptoms of various problems with the unit. Until they are investigated by a repair technician, you won’t know the reason or how to fix the issue. Our advice is to reach out to an expert to get a resolution before your entire A/C wears out. 

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