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5 Reasons For A Loud Heater

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When it gets cold in Denham Springs, LA, we are all quick to turn to our heaters for refuge. The heating systems in our homes work well to restore the comfort levels and create a cozy atmosphere. However, that lasts only until the need for a repair makes itself known. One of the signs for a needed heating repair service is when your furnace begins to make loud or strange sounds. In this article, we will explore the top reasons why your heater is making that obnoxious noise in your home. 

Dirty Burners

Is your furnace making a loud banging or popping sound? When this happens, it is an indication that it’s time to clean out the furnace’s burners. As the furnace works, those gas burners gradually become lined with a buildup of chemicals and gas that must be cleaned periodically. When the burners get clogged to a certain point, they will produce mini explosions each time the furnace is ignited. This issue will delay your furnace from starting and hurt its efficiency levels. If it isn’t resolved on a timely basis, extensive heating repair services will be required as it will affect the entire furnace. 

Damaged Motor Belt 

If you hear a loud shrieking or squealing noise, chances are that you’re dealing with a damaged belt of the blow motor. This is a normal wear and tear issue that is fairly easy to fix with the right equipment. However, we advise you to contact a heating repair service technician in Denham Springs, LA to do this for you as they are certified and licensed for the job. 

Worn Out Ball Bearings

Are you hearing scraping sounds coming from your furnace? These sounds can be troublesome as they indicate that the ball bearings in your furnace are worn out. When this happens, the blower wheel comes loose and scrapes against the surrounding metal material. This constant scraping will exert pressure on the wheel and eventually cause it to break. Broken pieces of the blower wheel may fall into the electrical system or other parts of the furnace, causing extensive damage and very expensive furnace repairs. If you hear this scraping sound, we recommend turning off your furnace and contacting a heating repair service tech to take a look at what’s going on inside the unit. 

Loose Parts

Maybe you’re hearing rattling or rumbling sounds coming from the furnace and you’re wondering what is causing the ruckus. Usually the culprit behind these sounds is loose parts, like a loose panel door. A quick tightening of the screws should help the situation. However, if the noise is coming from the inside of the furnace, the problem may be more severe. For example, the ignitor, heat exchanger, or blow motor may be misaligned or loose. 

These issues will have to be inspected by a certified heating repair service technician who will provide all the necessary adjustments. We highly advise you to not attempt any furnace repairs yourself as doing so requires extensive knowledge and equipment that only a repair technician will have. 

Restricted Airflow

What is that whistling sound coming from the furnace? Isn’t it getting more annoying by the minute? This problem is normally caused by clogged air filters. Air filters play the essential role of cleaning the air of debris and dust prior to releasing it into the room. Over time, these filters become laden with all the debris they catch and if they aren’t cleaned regularly, they will get clogged. 

This clog will restrict the airflow coming from the furnace and cause a decrease in the efficiency of your furnace. Prolonged clogs like this will eventually result in higher energy bills and an eventual breakdown of the entire system. Luckily, changing air filters is a fairly easy thing to do and only takes a few minutes of your time. Make sure to check and clean the air filters at least once a month to ensure a properly working furnace and optimal indoor air quality. 

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