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What is Duct Sealing? Benefits of Investing in Duct Sealant

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The air conditioning system, regardless of what type, is consistent with multiple components that come together to provide our homes with the comfort that we all require. If you have a central air conditioning unit in your home, then the function of your AC will greatly depend on the condition of your ductwork. Ductwork for an AC is like blood vessels for a human being. It is what facilitates the air throughout the home to maintain the same temperatures in each room. 

In order to maintain that proper airflow, the HVAC industry has advanced in many of its techniques and technologies that support the condition of the home’s ductwork. One of those technologies is duct sealant services in Baton Rouge, LA, which is what we will discuss in this article.

What is Duct Sealing?

Duct sealing is a service offered by the Dream Team where we come in and add a special layer of aerosealant. The purpose of aeroseal is to cover any holes and gaps in the home’s air duct system. This helps the air conditioning system work more efficiently and produce a healthier quality of air. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of duct sealing together. 

Improved Airflow

A big problem that ductwork develops over time is poor airflow. This is a typical problem to expect because as time goes on, the typical wear and tear of those air passageways will deteriorate and have cracks in them. As a result, the air that the air conditioning system pushes into the home will escape through the ductwork and hurt the quality of airflow through the home. When this happens, you will feel like the home isn’t being cooled or warmed appropriately. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that you could fix yourself. You will need to contact a technician who provides duct sealant services in Baton Rouge, LA.

Lower Monthly Energy Bills

If you’ve been noticing increasingly high energy bills, there may be a problem with your dock to work. If there is any air escaping through the ducts, the air conditioning system will be working much harder to provide the optimal comfort levels in your home. As a result, it will be using much more energy that is necessary. high energy bills may also be the cause of various other issues within the HVAC system like the following:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Failing AC compressor
  • Downed blow motor
  • Low refrigerant fluid levels
  • Dirty coils

All of these issues will have to be investigated by an air conditioning repair technician who will be able to determine whether duct sealant in Baton Rouge, LA is appropriate for your home. 

You can also keep your energy bills to a minimum by adhering to a regular HVAC maintenance schedule. Learn on our blog why you should schedule an AC maintenance visit today.  

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Cracks and gaps in the ductwork system often lead to poor indoor air quality because of the air that escapes through it. The central air conditioning system is designed to push the air through the ductwork and through a set of air filters before infiltrating the home. Those air filters are in charge of cleaning the air of any dust and debris. 

When the air leaves the ducts without being properly cleaned, the dust and debris will end up in the home. Because of this, you will see more dust accumulating in your home, and you may even develop symptoms of allergies and asthma. If you feel that this is something that’s happening in your home, reach out to a duct sealant technician in Baton Rouge, LA to have your ductwork assessed.

Better Evaporator Coil Function

Quality duct sealant services can also help improve the function of your evaporator coils. If there is excess dust flowing through that duct, they will end up on the coils which will lead to their malfunction. Not only will this make the air conditioning system work harder, but it will greatly impact the quality of your indoor air. To improve the health of your ductwork, take a look at some of the services provided by your local air conditioning technicians.

Duct Sealant in Baton Rouge, LA

Have you been contemplating investing in duct sealant services for your home? If so, give the Dream Team a call today. We will be able to assist you with providing the best duct sealant services in the county and surrounding regions. Give us a call today at 225-500-0608.

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