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The Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your HVAC Ducts

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A home’s air conditioning system is made up of many components that work together to provide the desired temperatures in the house.  Those with central air conditioning may be aware of the indispensable role ductwork plays in the operation of their AC. 

Ductwork is a network of pipes and conduits built into the home’s structure. When the AC works, it pushes conditioned air out into the ducts with the help of a blower motor. The air travels along these ducts and passes through the air filters to be cleaned before being released into the home through the vents. 

Because of the integral role this ductwork system plays in the home, it is essential that it is taken care of well.  As the local experts on HVAC duct cleaning, our team will cover some of the key benefits of cleaning the ductwork in your home. 

How Often Should HVAC Ducts Be Cleaned?

Though it is essential to clean your ductwork, it isn’t as difficult as it seems, and it doesn’t have to be too often. As the National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends, starting with an annual inspection of your ductwork is best. During the inspection, the technician will make personalized recommendations for any improvements, including a required cleaning or sealing service

Signs that HVAC Duct Cleaning is Needed

It isn’t always easy to tell when a component of your HVAC, such as ductwork, needs a professional service. As a rule of thumb, most air conditioning technicians will recommend duct cleaning in the following situations:

  • When there is an increase in allergy or other respiratory symptoms
  • After recent renovations
  • If there is a pest infestation
  • When there is mold or mildew growth in the home

Benefits of Clean Air Ducts

Most people enjoy a clean home, but a clean home goes beyond washing and putting away dishes and laundry. It also means that the atmosphere in the home is clean and safe for breathing. The air quality you breathe is impacted by the condition of the air conditioner and its ductwork. Clean air ducts ensure the following:

Improved Air Quality

The purpose of air ducts is to create a pathway for the air to flow through the home. The air isn’t filtered until it hits the filters, so air ducts tend to accumulate a lot of dust and debris. If the ductwork isn’t cleaned regularly, the air quality at home will suffer. You will notice increased dust at home and poor odors in the rooms. 

Increased Energy Efficiency 

Dirty ductwork decreases the airflow through the home, hurting the air conditioner’s efficiency. Slow airflow puts additional strain on the HVAC compressor, causing it to consume more energy than necessary. Because of the extra energy expenditures, your energy bills will increase. However, HVAC duct cleaning ensures that the air flows smoothly through the system, maintaining those optimal levels of energy efficiency.

Longer Lifespan of the HVAC System

Dirty air ducts slowly destroy the health of the HVAC system.  As we stated above, the accumulation of dirt and dust leads to reduced airflow, which is very hard on the AC. This causes the unit to wear out faster, leading to increased repairs and an eventual system breakdown.   If you want a longer lifespan for your HVAC system, taking care of all its components, including the ductwork, is vital.

Cost Savings on Energy Bills and Maintenance 

Lastly, keeping ducts clean keeps your energy bills to a minimum. The cleaner the ductwork, the smoother the air will flow. As a result, your AC will be less expensive to operate. Duct cleaning is a good maintenance strategy that will help you ensure a healthy home environment for everyone living in the home. 

HVAC Duct Cleaning Services in Denham Springs

When was the last time your ductwork was cleaned? If you’re having trouble remembering, it may be time to schedule that duct cleaning service. Call the Dream Team today to get in touch with the leading Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning crew at (225) 263-6428.

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