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How to Avoid Extra HVAC Costs

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A working air conditioning system is amazing to have in the home, but it can get pretty expensive. Not only does it cost to operate it monthly on energy bills, but it also costs a bit of money when things go wrong. Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid unnecessary repairs and their subsequent costs. As the leading AC repair techs in Denham Springs, LA, the Dream Team has seen just about every repair under the sun that could have been repaired with a few simple maintenance steps. Read on to learn how you can save a few extra bucks on those needless repair costs. 

Adjust Your Thermostat

A great way to save money on air conditioning costs is by adjusting the temperatures on your thermostat appropriately. Going out? Bring up the temperature on your thermostat by 7 or 8 degrees. When you’re headed to bed, bring the temperature down by 7 or 8 degrees as well. Following this steps will help you minimize your energy expenditure when it is least needed, thereby lowering energy costs by about 10% 

If your AC is blowing hot air, your thermostat may need to be recalibrated. In that case you should contact a local air conditioning repair tech to help assist you with that issue or investigate the possible reasons for the hot air. 

Seal Drafts

Another great way to minimize costs is by helping your AC work more efficiently by sealing in drafts that come through doors and windows. Even the smallest cracks that let outside air in can adversely affect the operation of the AC. For example, if warm outside air continues to get through while your AC is working to cool the home, the unit will work harder and use twice as much energy. This will spike up your energy bills. 

Plus, if these drafts don’t get addressed in time, it will cause the unit to wear out. Before you know it, you’ll be asking yourself why the AC is blowing hot air or not working at all. These are all indications of a worn out system. 

Use Blinds and Curtains

Do you have blinds and curtains in your home? If you don’t, take some time to invest in some. If you do, use them to cover the sunlight coming through. That light can disrupt the temperatures of your home and cause the HVAC system to work harder than necessary. 

Doing this is beneficial both in the winter and summer as sunlight during both seasons will affect the operation of your HVAC. Buy a good set of blackout curtains or blinds to help maintain optimal temperatures, and at an optimal price. 

Change Air Filters

If you’re wondering why your AC is blowing hot air or why your energy costs have increased lately, perhaps you haven’t checked the air filters lately. It is recommended that air filters get changed or cleaned every four to six weeks. This not only helps you save money on energy costs, but it also helps you maintain your good health. 

An air conditioning unit that continues to run on clogged air filters will eventually blow out warm air or none at all. It will also wear out the system much quicker and lead to extra, expensive repairs that people are rarely ready to afford. Sometimes, the AC ends up being replaced. 

Stick to a Heating Maintenance Schedule 

Finally, to keep energy costs to a minimum, we recommend adhering to a regular maintenance schedule as best you can. During a maintenance inspection, your AC tech will ensure to do the following: 

  • Change the air filters
  • Clean all components of the indoor and outdoor AC
  • Check the thermostat for appropriate calibration
  • Align anything that isn’t in its correct spot. 
  • Check air ducts for leaks
  • Suggest any needed repairs

All of these actions will go a long way to ensure that your HVAC creates the kind of comfort in your home that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Is Your AC Blowing Hot Air?

If your air conditioning system isn’t producing the type of temperatures you like or you’ve noticed other issues for repair, contact the Dream Team today. We are a team of the best air conditioning techs in the region who will quickly resolve the issue to restore the comfort in your home. Call us today at (225) 500-0608.

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