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Monticello, Louisiana is a county-designated community in East Baton Rouge Parish, USA. The population was 5,176 at the 2020 census, a growth of 3% over the number of people who lived there in 2020. It is designated as a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). It borders Ascension Parish, Lake Pontchartrain, and Winn Parish. It also has a portion that borders Ascension Parish but is not a separate MSA, named Belle Chasse. Information can be found here.

Because of its geographical position, Monticello has had a history that is rich and varied. The early settlers of this community were French Creoles who immigrated during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries to settle in the area. They founded the village of Monticello in 1796, which later became an important agricultural community. Today, the residents still reside in and around the village. In addition to being a place of residence, Monticello provides many opportunities for individuals to get together and enjoy each other’s company. See here for information about Explore the Beauty of Livingston – A South Louisiana Town.

The town of Monticello was built around a lake in Lake Pontchartrain. This lake became known as Lake Pontchartrain because the French explorers first called it the Ponthchartrain. When Louis XIV visited this area during his journey to America, he became enchanted by the lakeside, beautiful landscape. He had a large palace constructed on the lake, which later became the Academia de Pompadour. There, he lived for forty years until his death in 1749. The ruins of this palace are now open to visitors, as well as several old buildings that can still be seen there. Today, these structures are an attraction for tourists looking for old buildings and museums in New Orleans.

The Monticello Museum is a great place to visit and view the history of this community. Visitors can visit the “Million Dollar Home,” which is the largest home built in America from the 18th century through the early twentieth century. It houses a variety of artifacts from the era, including a piece of furniture. The Museum also features several historical exhibits, such as a map of the community, a newspaper report on the area in 1875, and a history of the area that covers its history from early times to the present. A special exhibit entitled “A History of the West Baton Rouge,” highlights different historic spots throughout this area and includes historical photos and illustrations. During the summer, a summer festival takes place at Monticello featuring live music and games such as bounce house. Other festivals, such as the “Baton Rouge Summer Fest, provide entertainment for the entire family.

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