Ductless Mini Splits vs. Traditional AC Systems


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Thanks to all the advanced developments in the HVAC industry, homeowners get a variety of options to choose from when it comes to cooling their homes. Most people know that there is the traditional, central air conditioner that is most commonly used, and the ductless mini split system. In this blog we will explore how these units work, and why someone would choose this type of unit a central AC.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split?

Unlike a central air conditioning system, a ductless system doesn’t require ductwork to cool or heat the home. Instead, each room would be equipped with its own AC unit, allowing customized temperatures throughout the house. Ductless mini splits are composed of an outdoor compressor, an indoor air-handling unit, refrigerant lines, a power cable, and a condensate drain. 

Why You Would Choose a Ductless Unit vs. Central AC

Is there any real benefit for choosing a ductless AC versus a central one? Check out the following advantages of choosing a ductless unit and how it could benefit your home. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency of air conditioning units is measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). Generally, the higher the SEER, the more efficient the AC. According to the nation’s leading AC manufacturer, Carrier, most mini split units achieve higher efficiency rates than central ACs. This means that your energy bills will be lower with a ductless unit and your home will still be as comfortable.


Ductless mini splits are very versatile because they can be placed in multiple locations and configured to operate exactly the way you prefer. Traditional HVAC systems do not offer this level of versatility because they heat or cool the entire home only through the ductwork with the same temperatures throughout the home.


Ductless air conditioning units offer the option of zoning temperature control throughout the home. This is useful if the members of your household require different temperatures in their respective spaces. For example, if you rent out your home to a group of roommates, the convenience of zoning will help you provide comfortable living options for your tenants.

Improved Air Quality

Ductwork accumulates a lot of dust and debris that eventually filters into the home. This creates a stuffy, muggy atmosphere which can cause symptoms of allergies and asthma. When you use a ductless AC, these concerns will not exist. As a result, your indoor air quality will be better than if you use a central air conditioning unit. 

FAQ About Ductless AC Units

Clearly, ductless units offer the home a variety of benefits, making them a worthwhile investment. Below, we answer a few of the commonly asked questions we frequently get from homeowners.

Do I need a ductless unit in every room?

This really depends on your preferences and how often you use each room in your home. Admittedly, the weather in Louisiana gets pretty hot and muggy over the summer months and you’ll be tempted to blast the AC in whatever room you’re occupying. When deciding on where to install your units, analyze who uses each room in the house and how often and make your decision based on your analysis.

Can you leave ductless AC on all the time?

Ductless AC units are designed to operate 24/7, if needed. However, it may be a good idea to give it a break every now and then to ensure that the many parts of the unit do not wear out. The longer the AC runs, the more wear and tear it will get.

How long do ductless units last?

Ductless AC units have a very long lifespan of about 20 years. This long lifespan is explained by the greater efficiency that these units offer. Units of higher efficiency tend to last longer in the home, thereby attracting more homeowners to purchase them for their homes.

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