When you need help with your HVAC unit, you cannot afford to go with anyone less than the best. In the Riverland, LA area, that’s the Dream Team. We are a team of expert HVAC techs who will help repair, install, and maintain your heating and air conditioning units all year round.

AC Replacement & Installation

Whether you need a replacement or installation of your AC for your home, Dream Team has the best technicians who will ensure a high-quality, lasting installation. This high-dollar investment requires expert selection of the unit best suited to your needs and skilled installation that will serve you for years. Nobody is as good as the Dream Team for your AC replacements and installations in Riverland. 

AC Repair

Got a broken AC? You can trust our team for a prompt and professional restoration of your problem. Common signs of AC repairs include:

  • Poor airflow or lack thereof 
  • Puddles of fluid accumulating around the unit
  • Warm air coming from the vents
  • Poor air quality
  • Mold or mildew growing around the vents
  • Inconsistent temperatures

HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding early unit replacements or excessive repairs. It also helps keep your unit working efficiently, producing the highest quality of air for your home. Our techs adjust and clean all parts as necessary. They also change the air filters and ensure that the unit is in the best condition possible. 

Heating Replacement & Installation

Like air conditioning units, heaters are expensive investments that require professional installation. Allow the heating technicians from Dream Team to provide your home with a quality installation or repair to keep your home warm all winter long. 

Heating Repair

There is no need to be stuck in the winter without heating when you have the top heating repair techs in town. Call the Dream Team and be as comfortable in your home as the guests of Hotel Baton Rouge. 

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Sometimes central air conditioning isn’t the best option for a home, but luckily, Dream Team provides top-rated services for ductless mini-split systems. Whether you need an installation or repair, our techs are available to ensure that your home’s needs are met. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great earth-friendly and economical way to keep your home warm or cool throughout the entire year. Dream Team has a team of specialists who install, repair, and maintain heat pumps for residents throughout Riverland, LA. Whether you have a small home or one as big as the Burbank Soccer Complex, Dream Team will always deliver on your needs. 

Emergency Services

Whether you need HVAC services in the middle of the night or in a rainstorm, Dream Team is just a phone call away. Common signs of emergency repairs include: 

  • Leaking refrigerant fluid
  • The smell of smoke coming from the vents
  • The smell of gas in the air
  • Poor airflow or none at all

Duct Cleaning & Sealing Services

Care for your ductwork and enhance the quality of your AC’s operation and indoor air. Our techs can  provide thorough cleaning services and seal any cracks with innovative aero sealant. 

Call Dream Team Today

Are you in need of HVAC services in Riverland? Call us today and let us know how we can help you. Dream Team will ensure top-quality services, regardless of the issue.