Situated in southeastern Louisiana, Prairieville is part of Ascension Parish, which is known for its mix of suburban and viral areas. Though it is a relatively small area, Prairieville has a lot to offer to its rapidly growing population. Among the many appealing attractions and the suburban lifestyle, Prairieville is known for the best heating and cooling services provided by Dream Team. You can rely on our team for the best air conditioning and heating services in the area.

AC Installation 

When it is hot and muggy, Prairieville can quickly lose its suburban charm when you do not have a functioning air-conditioning system in the home. Call the Dream Team for the best AC installations in the area. We will set you up with an AC unit that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer months.

AC Repair

A broken air conditioner is pretty frustrating regardless of the time of year. If you are looking for a reliable repair service for your air conditioning unit, look no further than Dream Team. Our team of repair technicians will quickly restore the function and efficiency of your AC unit.

  • NATE Certified Technicians
  • Emergency Services 
  • Flexible Maintenance Plans

AC Tune Up

Most homeowners love a lasting and efficient AC unit that requires only minimal repairs. The only way to make sure you have these qualities within your air conditioning system is to have it tuned up regularly. Our technicians will clean, calibrate, and adjust all its components ensuring optimal and efficient function. 

Heating Installation

There is nothing like being stuck in the cold with an old and unreliable heating system. If you are looking to upgrade your heating unit or need a brand new installation for a new construction project, Dream Team has the best installation crew who will see to your every need.

Heating Repair

Broken heaters are no way to go in the winters of Prairieville, LA. For a prompt and professional resolution to your heating issues, contact Dream Team and their reliable heating experts. Your heater will be restored to full use after a quick visit and repair from one of our techs.

Heating Maintenance

Nothing is more important for the longevity and reliability of your heating system than a periodic tune up. When your heating system is tuned up properly, it will last you a lifetime with minimal repair issues. Give us a call today to set up your tune up service.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are a great way to provide highly efficient and customizable comfort in your home. When in search of the best ductless heating and cooling solutions, look to Dream Team for high-quality and personalized services.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair Services

If you need a new heat pump installed on your property or a repair of your existing one, the Dream Team is home to some of the best heat pump repair and installation technicians who will help resolve all your concerns. Contact us today to schedule a service!

Programmable Thermostats

Take control of your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with our programmable thermostats. Set personalized temperature schedules to match your daily routine, ensuring optimal comfort when you’re at home and energy savings when you’re away. 

Enjoy the convenience of pre-programmed settings and the flexibility to adjust temperatures remotely, putting you in charge of your home’s climate. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat today and experience a smarter, more efficient way to manage your indoor environment.

Smart Thermostat

Transform the way you interact with your home’s climate using our cutting-edge smart thermostat. Seamlessly integrate with your smart home ecosystem to bring you unparalleled control and convenience. With intuitive mobile apps, voice commands, and adaptive learning capabilities, our smart thermostat learns your preferences and adjusts settings to maximize comfort while minimizing energy consumption. 

Monitor and manage your home’s temperature from anywhere, ensuring a comfortable environment the moment you step through the door. Embrace the future of home comfort with our state-of-the-art smart thermostat technology.

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