Leading HVAC Services in Baton Rouge, LA

When it comes to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, you cannot afford to have anything short of the best services in Baton Rouge, LA. Whether you’re shopping around for a new AC unit or are in need of some repairs and maintenance, the Dream Team is equipped with the most skilled experts to help you live comfortably in your home. 

Air Conditioning Services

You can count on the Dream Team to come through for you anytime you have an issue with your AC unit. We offer the region’s highest quality installation, repair, and maintenance services, and many customers can already attest to the first-class service they received. 

New Installation & Replacement

Are you in the process of researching your options for an air conditioning unit for your newly built home? Perhaps you’re in need of a replacement? The Dream Team will leave you on cloud nine with the expert advice and guidance they provide on selecting a new AC unit in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Our technicians will help you choose the unit that will meet your household’s needs at a price that fits your budget. Our technicians will walk you through every step of the process to ensure that you feel comfortable with your decision and purchase. 


The need for an AC repair can happen anytime. Whether you’re just home from work or a day at Tiger Stadium at LSU, you will need the safe haven that your AC provides on a hot day. If your unit isn’t working at the standard you expect, don’t hesitate to call the Dream Team with your concerns.  


A regular AC maintenance routine will ensure that you get the most out of your unit for as long as possible. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the entire HVAC system and its components, make the necessary adjustments, and recommend any needed repairs. If your AC hasn’t received a tune-up in over a year, call Dream Team today to schedule a visit. 

Heating Installation & Repair 

To stay warm and cozy through the winter, you will need the assistance of the Dream Team for any heating installations, replacements, and repairs. 

Installation & Replacement

If you’re in need of a new heating system for your home, look no further than Dream Team for the highest quality services.  Our technicians will assist you in selecting the type of heating system that will best meet your needs. They will do the heavy lifting and provide a high-quality installation that will serve your home for many years to come. 


Are you stuck at home without heat? Call Dream Team and receive prompt and efficient restoration of your heating unit. The quality of the heating repairs your receive will be as grand and magnificent as Louisiana’s Old State Capitol. 


Extend the lifespan of your heating system by keeping up with a professional maintenance schedule provided by the Dream Team. Our technicians will ensure that your heating unit is reliable, efficient, and long-lasting with the periodic tune-ups they provide. 

Air Duct Cleaning 

To maintain the optimal indoor air quality in your home, you must have your air ducts cleaned at least once a year. Contact Dream Team today to schedule your home’s reliable and high-quality duct cleaning services in Baton Rouge. 

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bills or fix the gaps and cracks in your ductwork, aeroseal duct sealing services will go a long way to serve your needs. By taking advantage of our professional services, you can address leaky ductwork issues and save money in the long run.

24/7 Emergency HVAC Repairs

Regardless of the HVAC challenge you’re facing, the Dream Team is available around the clock to help restore things back to order. With a fast turnaround time and professional repairs that will last, you can count that the Dream Team is the best neighbor to have in Baton Rouge when things aren’t working as they should. Give us a call and schedule your service today at (225) 308-3349.