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Our homes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are comfort-giving amenities that help us enjoy life to the fullest. However, you won’t be able to properly use your AC without the additional and necessary assistance of a thermostat. The thermostat tells you the current temperature in the home and signals the AC to work when it is too hot or cold in the house. What’s even better is when you have a programmable thermostat that can control your home’s temperatures without much interference from you. Look to the Dream Team for your programmable thermostat and elevate your home’s comfort today.

Benefits of Using Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats make life easier because of the many benefits they provide, as described below:

Energy Savings and Efficiency

The beauty of programmable thermostats is that they work in a way that helps people save money on energy consumption. Programmable thermostats allow the homeowner to set a schedule of temperature settings that they prefer throughout the day. Using this schedule, the thermostat signals the AC to cool or heat the home only when necessary, turning off the unit when the home reaches a certain desired temperature. This helps keep your energy bills at a minimum and keeps the unit from wearing out early. As a result, the AC will stay at optimal efficiency levels for a longer period.

Customized Comfort and Convenience

A programmable thermostat allows you to set it for specific temperatures at certain times of the day.  As a result, you won’t have to manually turn on the AC, as it will run based on your specified settings. This option will allow you to enjoy your home without thinking about turning the AC on or off.

Why Choose Dream Team to Install Your Programmable Thermostat

Dream Team is the number one provider of air conditioning services. We provide total customer satisfaction by putting our customers first, regardless of the services we provide. When our AC techs arrive at your door for the installation of your programmable thermostat, you can expect the following: 

  • Licensed and insured professionals
  • Value and respect of your time and property
  • Punctual and prompt service
  • Expert knowledge of any AC challenge
  • Fair and upfront pricing

With the help of our team, your home will always be comfortable, and your AC will work at maximum efficiency.

Save Time & Money With Professional Installation

When you allow a professional to install your thermostat, you will save time because our techs are certified and licensed to provide this specific service. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and skills to install your thermostat quickly and efficiently. We will ensure a correct and safe installation the first time around.

Maintenance and Support Services

Dream Team doesn’t stop its services with just installation. We take it a step forward by providing maintenance and support services for your thermostat. Whether you need a repair or an adjustment, our techs are always available to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Programmable Thermostats

What is the lifespan of a programmable thermostat?

Most programmable thermostats are designed to last about 10 years. However, with the development of technology and new features, many homeowners opt to upgrade their thermostat earlier than the end of its lifespan. 

How do I know if my programmable thermostat is bad?

Here are some of the common signs that your thermostat is bad and may need a replacement:

  • Incorrect temperature readings
  • Inconsistent or erratic temperature control
  • Unresponsive buttons or touchscreen
  • HVAC unit runs constantly
  • Programming issues

If you experience any of these issues, please do not hesitate to contact Dream Team for help.

Is there a way to test a thermostat?

One of the ways you can test your thermostat is by using a separate thermostat to check the temperature in your home. If the readings on that temperature match the readings on your programmable one, then you can be sure that your thermostat is working accurately.

Do AC techs or electricians install thermostats?

The type of professional required for the installation of a thermostat depends on the voltage of the thermostat. Electricians are qualified to install most thermostats. However, when the thermostat is for your HVAC, an AC tech will be qualified to make that installation. Since AC techs specialize in air conditioning, it is best to allow them to install it.

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