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You can keep your Greenwell Springs home as tidy and clean as you want, but, without taking proper care of your ductwork, all that extra housework can amount to a lot of nothing. Here’s why. The air that circulates through your home is pushed into your vents from your duct system. So, whatever is hiding inside your ductwork will get filtered back into your home—and into the air you breathe. Yuck, right? Add that to the fact that many of today’s modern homes are less ventilated than older homes and you’re bound to have some contaminated air inside your living quarters.

But there is good news! You can eliminate these contaminants and breathe fresher indoor air when you call our team for professional duct cleaning services and Aeroseal duct sealing in Central, Walker, and the surrounding areas. These highly efficient methods of cleaning and sealing your home can improve your indoor comfort, your indoor air quality and, ultimately, your health.

We offer the following:

Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning
Cleaning your ducts under negative pressure prevents contaminants from invading your indoor air—both during the cleaning process and after. Our extra strong vacuum allows for suction that removes loose particles and prevents them from entering your indoor air.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing
Increase the energy savings of your home in Denham Springs or nearby and improve your air quality with high quality Aeroseal duct cleaning. Our professional services solve leaky ductwork issues and put money back in your wallet.


Most homeowners in EBR or nearby don’t give much thought to their air ducts. And we get that. With so much going on in our lives these days, air duct cleaning is probably the last thing on your mind! However, you can’t ignore dirty ducts forever—because dirty ducts can compromise your health.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help. If your air ducts start to exhibit any of the following signs, there’s a good chance you need duct cleaning services in your home in Greenwell Springs or the surrounding areas—and stat!

Five Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

Below are five signs that point to the need for a professional duct cleaners visit:

  1. You’ve noticed your family’s allergies have increased.   
  2. You have weak airflow—meaning your vents aren’t blowing out air as strong as they have in the past.
  3. Your home is dustier than normal—accumulating dirt and debris.
  4. You’re constantly changing dirty air filters.
  5. You’ve noticed insect or rodent droppings near your ducts (Oh my! Yuck. Call us pronto!)

100% Reliable Duct Cleaning Services in East Baton Rouge and Beyond

If it’s been more than three to five years since you’ve scheduled air duct cleaning, it’s time for a refresher. Our duct cleaning services and Aeroseal duct sealing specialists can tackle any job—big or small. And if you’re simply curious about the process that our duct cleaners follow, give us a call. We offer free estimates and provide discounts to military, police and seniors. Call for your dream appointment today. We service all of the following areas:

  • Central
  • Denham Springs
  • East Baton Rouge (EBR)
  • Greenwell Springs
  • Prairieville
  • Walker


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