Here’s Why Your HVAC Company Is a Superhero

Dream Team Can Conquer These 5 HVAC Villains

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a superhero, you’re not alone! With our new brand, new logo and, of course, our HVAC superpowers, we can’t help but think we fall into this superhero category just a little bit.

OK, we aren’t the Justice League and we don’t wear capes—at least not too often. But we do don some pretty cool purple and green costumes day in and day out as we rescue our clients from HVAC disasters with things like air conditioner replacements in Walker and nearby homes.

Our Team Will Swoop in to Save the Day!

Each spring, area residents experience some type of heating and cooling “villain” that threatens their homes’ safety and HVAC system efficiency. Are you a victim of HVAC trouble? No worries. We are here to help fight the battle so we all emerge as winners.

Here are a homeowner’s five biggest HVAC archenemies and ways the Dream Team’s superheroes can dive in to rescue your home’s comfort.

Villain No. 1: Dastardly Dirty Ducts

How is your family’s indoor air quality lately? Have you noticed more dirt collecting around your house? Are your family’s allergies acting up more than usual? If so, you’re probably due for a serious duct cleaning. Our caped crusaders can defeat dirty ducts in a heartbeat. Call on us for professional duct cleaning services and breathe better in just one day.

Villain No. 2: Mr. Freezing Air Conditioner Coils

Is your air conditioning starting to freeze you out? Unfortunately, nothing is indestructible—not even Superman when he’s around Kryptonite! So, if your condenser coils have started freezing, your air conditioning system’s efficiency could start to suffer greatly—and result in comfort loss. Call us. We provide total solutions for frozen coils.

Villain No. 3: Mr. Fantastic’s Filthy Filters

Dirt is rarely a good thing. Especially when it gathers inside your AC system’s filters and ends up spreading to your living room. The Dream Team can help you change those filters so your AC efficiency is top-notch once again!

Villain No. 4: Dr. Neglect

Say goodbye to that neglected HVAC system. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need upkeep for your cooling system. Neglect won’t improve your comfort! Instead, schedule annual maintenance and dwell in heavenly comfort all year round. Our bi-annual checks will leave you happy and healthy!

Villain No. 5: The Air Invaders

Stop suffering through hot and cold spots inside your home due to poor ducts. If you are experiencing leaks in your ductwork, call the Dream Team for superior duct sealing. For those ducts that may be leaking, we offer Aeroseal duct sealing—today’s foolproof method for sealing holes, cracks and leaks in your ductwork. Result? Improved energy efficiency and extended life of your system’s lifespan, too!

Dream Team Wants to Be Your Hero—Especially During Challenging Times

In these days of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 virus, we want you to know we’re still here for you— especially if your family requires comfort services. If you need an HVAC repair, please do not be afraid to call us for help. We promise to call on our superpowers and take all the proper precautions before entering your home— so your health and safety is never compromised.

Other ways you can use your own superpowers to stay healthy during this time include washing your hands with warm, soapy water for 20 seconds at a time, practicing safe social distancing and continuing to wipe down counters and door handles whenever possible.

As always, whatever your HVAC system’s weakness may be, we are always nearby to help. From AC system installation in your Central or nearby home to emergency services in all of East Baton Rouge and beyond—our champs can turn your home into a real good guy once again!

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